Friday, January 6, 2017

january sixth

Five for January 6th:

Sick kids. Out of nowhere yesterday evening George came down with a fever, and then Jane was up for two hours in the middle of the night puking. Poor goobers. I will say, Jane handled it like a champ. Definitely can’t say the same for myself at that age.

You are what you eat. Almost two weeks into the Whole 30, the biggest takeaway for me is the amount of energy I have compared to before. Not like I’m bursting with it, but the omnipresent lingering fatigue I felt literally every day is totally gone. It’s a great feeling to get home from work not want to just pass out on the couch.

Color me shocked. Trump will ask congress, not Mexico, to pay for the border wall. Again let me reiterate how totally shocking this news is. No, really.

Cool stuff. Jane’s art and spelling skills, Haro Freestyler hoodie, night drums, payday, free Dixon drum key, Keith Olbermann’s newest sobering message to Republicans, Weird Al religious candle.

Weekend action. With ailing kiddos and oppressively cold weather, this weekend might be pretty sparse in the goings-on department. Seeing Star Wars: Rogue One tonight, maybe a Ramp Riders session somewhere in there, possible trip to the Y for some swimming. We’ll see how it goes.

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