Tuesday, January 10, 2017

january tenth

Five for January 10th:

The stupidity burns. I simply cannot fathom the cognitive dissonance occurring in someone who voted for Trump getting online and saying- in all seriousness and without a hint of irony- that celebrities shouldn't talk politics. It's absolutely mind blowing.

Kung Fury. Now on Netflix. 31 minutes of pure glory, but the first minute alone is worth watching. Next on my list of flicks to make Lisa try to sit through.

Mat Hoffman. The Condor turned 45 yesterday, and is still riding every day and is as gnarly as ever. The best to ever do it.

Cool stuff. 60 degrees today, Ramp Riders sesh with the dudes, earlybird check-in for our flight to California, Revenge of the Nerds Takashi/Hosoi mashup t-shirt, Three Amigos revisited, good leftovers.

Tuesday soundtrack. Electric Frankenstein, Zeke, Supersuckers, Orange Goblin, Agent Orange, Throw Rag, Buzzcocks, New Bomb Turks, Radio Birdman.

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