Monday, January 30, 2017

january thirtieth

Five for January 30th:

Thrift score, v2. Nabbed a 2000 Haro Ryan Nyquist Backtrail X1 with S&M seat in great condition at Red Racks for seventeen bucks on Friday. A little brake work and some basic maintenance and it’ll be ready to ride. Maybe a trip to the Figure 8 trails coming up?

Skateboarding. Hit JB on Saturday morning for a solo session in the sun on my Powell Tony Hawk bottlenose. Felt great to get out and roll around in the fresh air.

Big boy bed. After a couple more successful escape attempts, George is officially out of his crib, with the transition to his newly-purchased toddler bed in full, agonizing swing.

Cool stuff. First trip to the STL Ikea, the inevitability of impeachment, Sunday swim party with the crew, Starbucks reusable cup, free lightly-used Tired board from Andy, carousel date with Jane.

Quote(s) of the day. “Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.” -Mike Pence, Dec 2015. “Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?” -Donald Trump, June 2014

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