Wednesday, January 25, 2017

january twenty-fifth

Five for January 25th:

Morning roll. Dying to skate after more than a week of nothing, so I snuck in a quick, ten minute or so curb session before work today. Good to get the blood flowing early on a sunny, somewhat balmy January morning.

Escape artist. George climbed out of his crib last night. We hoped it wouldn’t happen again, but sure enough he did it again today. Not quite sure where to go from here, but this certainly throws a wrench into things.

Expense report. Filled out and submitted in record time. These stacks of receipts usually languish on my desk until the last minute or beyond.

Cool stuff. Pollo Yucatan to-go, Steve Caballero Rolling Stone interview, Yo, Get Shreddin’ video, 2017 SMA Thiebaud “Villain” reissues, approaching 223K pageviews.

Shades apart. My favorite green pair of sunglasses apparently bit the dust in my bag on the way back from California. As someone who takes perhaps overly-good care of extremely cheap sunglasses (found these in a $3 bin at Walgreens a couple years ago), this is a major bummer.

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