Monday, January 23, 2017

january twenty-third

Five for January 23rd:

Back from California. Highlights included snapping a pic with Nicko McBrain, getting food and talking old school skate videos with Larry and Brian, hanging out with Liane, Gregg Bissonette’s booth demos, and sleeping in every morning. Bummers included the fact that it was cold and rainy pretty much the whole time, and much nicer in STL.

TSA. I stupidly left my pocketknife in my pocket and had to turn it over to the boys in blue before getting on the plane. Luckily it was a mega cheap knife, so I found one exactly like it on eBay for $3.50 shipped while sitting at the gate, bought it, and had it waiting for me when I got home. Bam.

Women’s march. It was nice to having something to be proud of the day after this country elected the most embarrassingly inept president the United States has ever seen or will ever see. She doesn't know it now, but someday Jane will be able to say that when she was 4, she marched against a fascist.

Cool stuff. Seeing the kids after five days, bundle of skate goodies from Larry, selling stuff on eBay, keeping Whole 30 (mostly) intact, free Dixon shirt, pasta necklace from Jane, Iron Maiden in St. Louis in July.

Quote of the day. "It took less than one day in office for Trump’s presidency to become a national, bipartisan joke." -Alex Winter

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