Wednesday, February 1, 2017

february first

Five for February 1st:

Speeding towards spring. January is behind us, days are staying lighter later, fish fry season is just around the corner, and seedlings for the garden are pre-planted in the windowsill. Obviously not out of the woods yet, but it’s a good start.

White Birch. Rad session yesterday afternoon with Brian. We had the whole place to ourselves, the weather was good, and some satisfying ripping went down.

R.I.P. Ride. The last surviving BMX print magazine announced it is ceasing publication as of the last issue and going to web-only. No more Dig, no more BMX Plus, now this. What a bummer. Hopefully something comes along to fill the void.

Cool stuff. Speed metal playlists for coworkers, morning curbslides, My Top 10 Ride BMX Issues, $8 Skeleton Key Rumble in Ramona t-shirt, reimbursement checks.

Quote of the day. “We learned too late, a tyrant doesn’t seek stability, only power.” -Ulaz, Voltron

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