Tuesday, February 14, 2017

february fourteenth

Five for February 14th:

Valentine’s day. Got to spend the morning with my three favorites, which is pretty much all I could really want. Jane of course had a whole outfit picked out for her party at school, and scored a huge set of colored pencils with animal erasers.

Descendents. The band that couldn’t sell out a telephone booth is playing the Pageant in Early October. Tix on sale this Friday. Pretty sure this is their first STL show since Mississippi Nights way back in 96 or 97, something like that. Snagging a couple for Lisa and myself.

Quote of the day. “THREE Trump advisers (Manafort, Page, Flynn) have left after ties to Russia were revealed. But there’s probably nothing more to this story.” -Donald Orwell

Cool stuff. White Birch lunch skate sesh with Brian, relearning tunes for the March 24 rock show, more springlike weather (planning on a Friday ride-in), another good night of sleep for George, Some Kind of Monster on Netflix, Trump should be arrested, k-cup restock.

Tuesday soundtrack. Pelican, DRI, White Wizzard, Explosions in the Sky, Red Fang, Riddle of Steel, Mogwai.

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