Monday, February 6, 2017

february sixth

Five for February 6th:

Super Bowl. That was the best and most intense super bowl I’ve seen since the ’99 Best Show on Turf Rams narrowly beat the Titans. Say what you will about the Patriots (no love here), but last night’s performance set the bar.

RV show 2017. Tons of new Shasta-style faux-vintage campers on the floor this year- way more than ever before. Jane had a blast laying in all the bunk beds and playing with the decorative plastic fruit. The tradition lives on.

JB. Sunny Sunday roll-around at Jefferson Barracks with Andy was just what the doctor ordered. CCL beach cruise this afternoon if the sun comes out.

Cool stuff. Springlike weather, Simple Session footage, Donald Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any president in US history, Lego Number of the Beast, new scale,

Quote of the day. “This is where we are as a country: any commercial that celebrates American values is interpreted as an insult to the President.” -Michael Ian Black

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