Friday, February 10, 2017

february tenth

Five for February 10th:

Rock n’ roll Part 2. Looks like I’ll be sitting in on drums once again with the Jag-Wires at the Tap Room on Friday, March 24th. It’s free, so come bang yer head.

Skateboarding. A few hits at the Loop curb spot on the way in, and a potential lunch session in the works for this afternoon. Get it in where you can.

Quote of the day. "According to a report by Politico, corned-beef dirigible Donald Trump, a skill-free inheritance baby with a virtually unbroken lifelong track record of incompetence and failure, has found that running the United States government is a tougher job than lending his name to mail-order steak delivery scams." -Albert Burneko

Cool stuff. Santa Cruz fall lineup (that white Thiebaud will be mine), house democrat moves on impeachment, almond butter, Skate Europe: Denmark, string samples, selling more stuff on eBay.

Weekend action. Weather near the 70-mark and lots of good stuff happening. Taking the kids to the playground and/or a possible trip to Creve Coeur beach, morning skate session, rock show at San Loo, Gregg Bissonnette clinic at Focal Point, hanging out at mom’s.

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