Monday, February 13, 2017

february thirteenth

Five for February 13th:

Outdoorsmanship. 74 degrees on Saturday and a 55-degree Sunday meant being outside as much as possible. Plenty of backyard hangs, a couple of trips to Clifton Park and the little library, and hiking the Powder Valley trails.

Team One Way lives on. Some things will just never stop being awesome, and riding BMX bikes with Greg and co. at Shenandoah is one of them.

Sleep training. I’m taking over George’s bedtime duty for the twin-bed transition, and the first couple of nights have been as successful as you could hope for. Knock on wood.

Cool stuff. Gregg Bissonette clinic jam at Focal Point, one-dollar sunglasses, morning boardslides, classic Perry Mervar Bully flatland footage, iPhone photo dump, the advent of SCROTUS, cabinet hinges.

Gumball machine toys. Jane was so ecstatic about being surprised with a $0.50 toy octopus that she slept with it on her nightstand. Being a dad rules.

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