Monday, February 20, 2017

february twentieth

Five for February 20th:

President’s day. Have a great one!

Getting radical. Awesome, sweaty-ass skate session at JB Sunday afternoon, got in a bunch of driveway flatland on the ’87 FST, and hitting White Birch today with Brian for some lunch shreds if the rain holds out.

Things I got for free yesterday. Bag of Cadbury mini-eggs, single old school Haro kneepad, bottle of Cosmic Ristretto espresso-brau.

Cool stuff. Skateone spring catalog, Snakebite BMX Mat Hoffman interview, cheap Powell Bombers, Turtle Park with the family, new hoop house for the backyard garden, cauliflower popcorn, Ultrahive.

Redd Kross at Firebird. I haven’t been this excited about a show in longer than I can even recall. Bummer: same night as The Damned.

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