Wednesday, February 22, 2017

february twenty-second

Five for February 22nd:

Spring break. We’ll be flying down to Florida in late April for a week of hanging out and swimming in Roger’s lanai, going to the beach, getting some sun, and generally decompressing. Cannot wait. Bonus: George still flies free.

Blyther FST. One step closer to getting it fully dialed in, with the new u-brake adapter showing up yesterday to attach a 990 front brake to a side-pull setup. Just need to track down four pegs and we’re in business. Can’t wait to start actually riding that thing.

Higher education. Got some great news yesterday about Jane’s potential school situation for next year- here’s hoping everything pans out.

Cool stuff. Jason Watts Haro 2017 video, microwave is fixed, lunch skating, homemade trail mix, new burgundy Ford Cobra jacket, After 51 Years, Vans Is Finally Explaining What "Off The Wall" Means.

Allergy attack. Much as I love the unseasonable weather we’ve had lately, the pollen is wreaking havoc on my sinuses. Popped some sort of off-brand Zyrtec thing today that will hopefully help get my head back on straight.

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