Monday, February 27, 2017

february twenty-seventh

Five for February 27th:

Weekend highlights. Dinner and drinks with Lisa in the CWE, Hell Night crushing the Firebird, swimming/riding bikes/playing in the backward with Jane and George, short skate session at Webster.

Somebody call a wahmbulance! The man who once bragged that he had a plan to destroy ISIS in 30 days is too afraid to attend White House correspondent’s dinner because the press is mean to him.

E-drums. As is customary, one of the cymbals on my electronic drum kit stopped working over the weekend. Scheffer is re-soldering it today, and I scored a $20 backup on eBay to rotate in when the next one inevitably goes down.

Cool stuff. Classic Batman action figure for the office, runny eggs over sweet potatoes, coffee from Coffee Cartel, new lock for the shed, White Birch lunch skate plans, selling more stuff on eBay.

The kitchen. Our microwave is now fixed after more than a month of shorting out every time we turned it on, and the hinges on two broken cabinets (which were so odd they had to be special ordered online) have been replaced.

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