Thursday, February 23, 2017

february twenty-third

Five for February 23rd:

Clifton Park. Nice, balmy pre-spring evening at the playground yesterday with the kids and a bunch of neighbor friends. We played till well after dark.

George. The little dude finally had a full night of sleep where he didn’t cough himself awake. Relieved to see he’s starting to feel better.

Skate sesh. Another nice day means another trip out to White Birch for some ramp action in the afternoon.

Cool stuff. Helltrack ’86 t-shirt, space adventures with Jane, new Ted Leo album in the works, carafe of Kaldi’s at work, Grace Slick licensed a song to Chick-Fil-A, gave proceeds to LGBT group, Haro Dave Mirra Pro tribute bike.

Punk Is Dad. Remember that photo I posted that my friend Paul took earlier this week? It made the RFT.

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