Thursday, March 9, 2017

march ninth

Five for March 9th:

The jig is up. Republicans are now paying the price for a years-long campaign of Obamacare lies.

Weather or not. Today will be sunny and 75 degrees. In two days, there will be two to three inches of snow on the ground. My body and mind are having a hard time dealing with this.

Skating. Afternoon board meeting at White Birch with Brian coming down the pike. Got to get while the gettin’s good.

Cool stuff. Basement pallet BMX stand, Jane making telescopes out of paper towel rolls, Vato Rat zine, Filmage combo pack.

Spotify Daily Mixes. This feature wasn’t around the last time I used Spotify a few months ago, and it’s a game changer. Four giant music mixes based around stuff you play- tons of classics and new stuff mixed in.

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