Thursday, March 2, 2017

march second

Five for March 2nd:

Drums and other noises. Got my $24 replacement e-cymbal in the mail yesterday and it works perfectly. Once I get my other one back, I’ll actually be able to run two crash cymbals AND a ride. I feel like Neil Peart or something.

George. He’s picking up new words daily, can identify tons of things in books, and is starting to string together rudimentary sentences. He’s also the sweetest little dude on the planet Earth.

Record stores. Hit up Vintage Vinyl yesterday and saw some cool stuff. Brian scored a copy of “If You Want Blood” for two bucks. Also, there’s this museum piece, 90’s-era stickered-up trash can in the FYE dumpster begging to be rescued.

Cool stuff. Free Otis Redding and Metallica stickers, sample pair of Vic Firth Modern Jazz sticks, slept all night, WGN’s Energy Express featuring Chicago BMX riders at SCRAP skatepark, already Thursday, My Pillow dub.

Quote of the day. This whole thing, which I’m too lazy to transcribe.

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