Tuesday, March 7, 2017

march seventh

Five for March 7th:

Voting day. Got out and did my civic duty this morning in the STL mayoral race. Fingers crossed for a Tishaura Jones victory and an end to the status quo that is continually dragging this city in the wrong direction.

Dan Rather. If you’re not following him on Facebook, you should go do so immediately. One of the best voices of reason and rationale out there right now. As relevant as ever before.

Spotify. Finally reinstalled it on my work computer, after a few months of suffering through the lameness of Pandora. Good to have you back.

Cool stuff. Letgo app, Chasing the View off the Cliff: the lost BMX video, stocked k-cups at work, free collision center coozie, White Birch lunch sesh with Brian yesterday, Dan's Comp spring catalog.

Tuesday soundtrack. Big Business, Bathory, Saxon, Royal Thunder, Mastodon, Kowloon Walled City, Liturgy, Judge, Converge.

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