Monday, March 6, 2017

march sixth

Five for March 6th:

Columbia trip. We had a blast meeting up with old friends in town for True/False and revisiting some old haunts. We didn’t make it to any films, but time was limited and it was too nice outside to be sitting in theaters, anyway.

Dirt jumps. Took the FST out for an early morning solo jam at Figure 8 BMX trails on Saturday morning- my first time ever really riding dirt jumps. It was awesome, and I can’t wait to go back.

Wii. Our trusty Nintendo Wii, which we use for all streaming of shows and movies in our house, is starting to get a little iffy in the “working” department. The thing has been going strong for almost a decade. A switch to an Amazon Fire Stick or a Roku box may not be too far off.

Cool stuff. High Brew coffee, Sunday evening swim date with Jane, zucchini noodles, Donald J. Trump State Park is as ugly and dilapidated as its namesake’s soul, old Props episodes on Youtube.

Scott Reynolds at Fubar. 3/29: another show to add to the calendar. Best vocalist ALL ever had, the singer on three albums that were the soundtrack to huge parts of my teens and twenties. And nows. Needless to say, I’m see you there.

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Justin said...

Scott's a rad dude. I did the design for his most recent Stupid World CD.