Friday, March 10, 2017

march tenth

Five for March 10th:

Siete. Their grain-free chips and tortillas are pretty much a game changer. Whole 30 eating is great but there are certain things I definitely miss- and having something to fill that void when the craving strikes is awesome.

Issuu. Real easy way to kill a few hours, intentionally or not.

Jane’s creations. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s paper towel telescope comes this custom caterpillar made out of stickers, tape and beads named Hayla.

Cool stuff. New Haro "30 years" snapback, custom Super 7 M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, Dixon Spark kit in the works (time to sell the Fibes), Ranchito with Tom, Seth and Brian, e-cymbal repaired and awaiting pickup.

Weekend action. This one will be kind of a crapshoot depending on how the weather pans out. Possible sledding/snowboarding at Clifton Park, hitting the Toy Man toy show early with the goober, Nate’s photo exhibit at Urban Eats, friend’s kid’s birthday party, whatever else comes along.

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