Friday, March 3, 2017

march third

Five for March 3rd:

Bones Brigade. The ninth and most Animal Chin-centric series of Bones Brigade reissues were announced yesterday, and is probably the most solid offering of the series yet. That Bottlenose McGill and powder blue Tony Hawk are must-haves, but they’re all just absurdly good.

Stop kidding yourselves. Sorry everyone, I know we're all looking for silver lining where we can find it, but George Bush is not a cute little cuddly kitten all of a sudden. Yes, Trump makes him look like Roosevelt, but Trump also makes the rain barrel behind the warehouse with the cigarette butts and dead squirrel floating in it look like Roosevelt. I don't care how many puppies he has painted, or how much he gushes over the Obamas. George W. Bush was a complete fucking failure of a president and the eight years he was in office were a goddamn horror show.

Better late than never. It took me two weeks to figure out that popping an allergy pill an hour or so before bed is much more conducive to a good night’s sleep than popping said pill at 7:30 in the morning.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, work snack restock, playing Star Wars with Jane, Trump/Putin Facebook Friends video, pizza egg muffins, silver Geegah Rippers.

Weekend action. Action packed and springlike couple of days coming up. Home to play some drums or ride flat tonight for a bit, followed by Jonathan Richman at Off Broadway. Tomorrow the kids go to the farm and Lisa and I head to CoMo for a True/False hang out with old friends. Sunday we’ll be traveling/recovering and probably hitting the pool or playground in the afternoon. Possible morning stop at the Columbia skatepark? Could happen.

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