Monday, March 13, 2017

march thirteenth

Five for March 13th:

Fish fry. Temporarily broke my whole-eating regimen for the first time this year for some fried fish and mac n’ cheese at Epiphany. ‘Twas a tasty treat indeed, but I’m back on the wagon.

Toy show. Jane scored a new Barbie and My Little Pony, and I almost pulled the trigger on a Microman for $25 which was awesome and I now regret passing on.

Hitting the slopes. We found the one sleddable hill in Clifton Park after Friday night’s dusting and shredded it early Saturday morning. Two hours later, it was completely melted, but at least we got something in this year.

Cool stuff. DST is back, farm share eggs and sweet potatoes, backyard BMX, TWS Legend: Ray Barbee, new jar of Carmex, A Ticket to Hell, watching Rad with George, Aldi dark roast on autobrew, snowboarding tonight if the snow isn't melted.

Other weekend highlights. The “Rowan” photo exhibit at Urban Eats, taking Jane to the carousel, checking out Neutral Zone for the first time, hanging out with Mom.

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