Monday, March 20, 2017

march twentieth

Five for March 20th:

Chuck Berry. Someday I'll get to tell my kids that their old man played with Chuck Berry not once, but twice. RIP to the guy that pretty much started it all.

Weekend kid adventures. Digging for treasure and lunch on the beach at Creve Coeur Lake on Saturday, hit the River Road to check out the Piasa bird and play around in Elsah on Sunday.

Bike work. Hung out in Greg’s garage, listened to the Descendents, and had a couple of my BMX’s tuned up and dialed in. Always a good time with that dude.

Cool stuff. Officially spring, Krooked Kevin Staab guest deck from Andy, morning curb stop, Odyssey Ghost brake pads for the Dyno, good leftovers, new umbrella for the back deck.

Quote of the day. “Don’t worry, everyone. After Trump’s exhausting week of cutting programs that help low-income Americans, he’s taking his 6th vacation.” - Jordan Uhi

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