Tuesday, March 28, 2017

march twenty-eighth

Five for March 28th:

The big payday. Three years after our last show, combined digital and analog sales of The Blind Eyes' music on iTunes, iTunes Europe, iTunes Switzerland, Spotify, Google Music, CD Baby, YouTube Music, Groove, Rhapsody, Medianet, and Apple Music finally reached the vaunted $50 mark.

Rough evening. The horrors of an over-tired child were on full display last night. Hopefully the twelve hours of sleep she got will help right the ship.

Quote of the day. “Hear me, Americans! Savor this world-historic self-own by the soft-ass imbeciles currently running our government, who had at least a year to overhaul a spectacularly unpopular healthcare system against which they’d been campaigning for the better part of a decade but bailed on the effort after 17 days because their diapers were leaking down their legs.” -Alberto Burneko

Cool stuff. New pack of no-sew buttons, watching The Iron Giant with Jane, work coffee restock, iPhone photo dump, Florideah Swamp Fest footage.

Tuesday soundtrack. Exciter, Misfits, Cro-Mags, Spoon, Ace Frehley, Fear, Dwarves, Acid King, TSOL, Sleep, Karma to Burn, Agent Orange.

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