Monday, March 27, 2017

march twenty-seventh

Five for March 27th:

Rock shows. Had a blast playing some drums with the Jag-Wires on Friday night at Tap Room, and seeing Summer Magic and Essential Knots on Saturday at Off Broadway. Out past midnight two weekend nights in a row? What is this, 2004?

Slappy Sunday. A nice glazing of pissing rain put a damper on JB plans, so Andy and I rerouted to a parking garage curb for an hour or so skate session yesterday. My first time there. Super fun.

Trumpcare fails spectacularly. How’s all that healthcarey-replacey stuff workin’ out for ‘ya?

Cool stuff. Rooftop’s Pool Party, Donald, This I Will Tell You, dinner and games with the kids at Happy Joe’s, vacuuming out my car, new Flying Glider, freezer tarts, Every Zelda game reviewed.

Clifton Park. The annual spring clean-up is happening next Saturday, with the egg hunt right around the corner. Jane is stoked.

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