Thursday, March 23, 2017

march twenty-third

Five for March 23rd:

Wednesday. Ate great all day, hung out with the bass player for Danzig at my desk, hunted plastic eggs in the backyard and rode bikes with Jane, scored a couple of new Haro shirts, got some practice in for the Jag-Wires show, and got to sleep in my own bed. All said, good one.

Morning ritual. Coffee and BMX videos on the couch with George by my side is now pretty much a daily thing I can count on, which is great by me.

Quote of the day. “We've reached a dangerous precipice where we can definitively say that the President of the United States is a gross, unethical liar who cannot and should not be trusted.” -Shaun King

Cool stuff. Yes, Chuck Berry Invented Rock 'n' Roll, street photographer recreates images 40 years apart, MCF “Turquoise Heart” video premiere, Ranchito with Tom and Brian, Ryan Nyquist "Boxes full of goodies" video.

Good karma. That rear-ending by an uninsured driver that occurred last month was resolved in perhaps the best way possible, with a money order for the full amount of the repair estimate and a really nice letter showing up in the mail yesterday. I honestly never expected it to work out this way. Goes to show there are good people out there.

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