Friday, March 24, 2017

march twenty-fourth

Five for March 24th:

Rock show. I'm playing drums tonight, people. In public. For free. Tap Room, sitting in with the Jag-Wires. Come out and bang yer head.

The President’s In A Big-Boy Truck Beep Beep. Today started with our pee baby president’s latest piss tantrum in the pages of Time magazine. It ends with him climbing around in a big rig, no doubt a reward for acting like a big boy and keeping his diapy dry.

Afternoon board meeting. It’s a beautiful spring day out there today, which means a lunch break skate session at White Birch with Brian is pending. Get rolling.

Cool stuff. This Rare Footage Shows How Far Ahead of His Time John Cardiel Was, tall Sumatra on the way in, Powell completes in the attic skateshop, pollo Yucatan with extra veggies, Skyrim advancements.

Weekend action. Practice at Kevin’s and the show tonight, Essential Knots tomorrow night at Off Broadway, hanging out with the kids a bunch, hopefully getting in some dirt jumping at Figure 8 or a skate sesh at JB.

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