Wednesday, April 5, 2017

april fifth

Five for April 5th:

Late sleeper. George was up for an hour or so in the middle of the night, likely due to storm noise, and was still out like a light when I left this morning. Glad he’s catching up on z’s, but bummed to miss our morning routine.

Delivery day. So stoked to get my new Master delivered, even though it will just be a giant box of bike parts I’ll be staring at longingly for the next few days.

Water in the basement season. Time to break out the box fans and dehumidifier.

Cool stuff. It’s Always Sunny blooper reels on YouTube, flawless drum sale yesterday, Dave Mirra Chasing the View off the Cliff segment, Cara Spencer on STL soccer stadium funding, Harry Shearer: Why My Spinal Tap Lawsuit Affects All Creators.

The dangers of distraction. “A flurry of unfounded allegations clutter our news feeds. Susan Rice. Wiretapping of the Trump team by President Obama. The latest Fox News induced Twitter rant. The smoke machine is turned on. There's a trained monkey dancing in the corner. The magician is buckling his cufflinks. The misdirection meter is turned up full. We cannot let ourselves be distracted. It is baseball season so perhaps the age-old admonition of youth coaches across the country is warranted. "Keep your eyes on then ball."We know that Russia - led by a former KGB agent - actively worked to undermine our election. We know that there are serious investigations into collision between Trump associates and Russian operatives. That is the story. Everything else is just noise and dust until proven otherwise.” -Dan Rather

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