Monday, April 17, 2017

april seventeenth

Five for April 17th:

Easter 2017. Full weekend of action for the goobers: 117th annual Clifton Heights egg hunt, meeting the bunny, dyeing eggs at home, backyard hunt at the house, backyard hunt at grandma’s house, and two easter baskets full of goodies.

Always something. The van got a flat tire at some point over the weekend, which was noticed yesterday afternoon right as we were leaving to go out North County. Luckily we made it home afterwards with just enough daylight for me to get the spare on.

BMX. Had a killer time riding the Figure 8 trails for a bit on Saturday morning, and squeezed in some driveway flatland yesterday while the kids snoozed.

Cool stuff. Summerlike weather, Psycho Stick revisited, biking in tomorrow, Dad Photoshops Daughter In Dangerous Situations to Scare Grandma, Jane’s first frog encounter, new pack of razor blades, under-the-bed t-shirt bin, modern concave.

Let’s go Blues. Currently up 3-0 against Minnesota in the current best of seven series. Stanley Cup, here we come.

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