Wednesday, April 19, 2017

april nineteenth

Five for April 19th:

Jawbreaker at Riotfest. Passed on the OG Misfits reunion last year, but this one may be worth a couple hundred bucks and a trip to Chicago for.

Free lunch. What if any of it I will actually eat remains to be seen, but it’s a nice gesture nonetheless.

This morning. Quick stop to check out the Forest Park waterfall with George, get in a few backside slappies, and pick up a fresh carton of cantaloupe and bag of raw almonds.

Cool stuff. Fourteen miles of riding yesterday, Grosso’s Love Letters Season 8 coming soon, Bill O’Reilly is reportedly getting shitcanned, White Birch afternoon sesh with Brian and Andy, new front brake cable for the Dyno.

MST3K. I was skeptical that the new ones would be good, but I’m happy to say that skepticism was unfounded. The new ‘bot voices take some getting used to, but a couple of episodes in, it’s pretty much as good as ever.

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