Thursday, April 6, 2017

april sixth

Five for April 6th:

Tired of all this winning yet? Bannon demoted, Nunes "stepping aside", Flynn out on his ass, Gorsuch facing a Democratic blockade, a President facing a treason investigation, and something like 2000 cabinet positions still unfilled. But hey, Ivanka has an office in the White House now, so there’s that.

My back is still hurting. Three years ago today- following a solid week of sledgehammer demolition, hauling and disposing of hundreds of pounds of concrete by myself in various city dumpsters, about thirty trips to Home Depot, and several tubes of construction adhesive, I finished repairing our crumbling front steps.

Tough questions. If a flute player is a flautist, is a lute player a lautist?

Cool stuff. Egg white bites, every story I have read about Trump supporters in the past week, Riot on Spotify, forgotten Hell Night shirt located in the back of the minivan, turkey lettuce wraps.

MLS stadium vote fails. And here I was sure THIS was finally going to be the stadium that was going to solve all of St. Louis' problems.

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