Monday, April 3, 2017

april third

Five for April 3rd:

Great outdoors. April showers held out until today, making for a perfect weekend outside. Got the lawn mowed, the weeds whacked, and spent tons of time in the backyard and around the neighborhood bumming around with the kids. Can’t beat it.

Old man flatland jam. Paul stopped by Saturday night for an old school driveway freestyle BMX session. Good times were had and some sweet moves were (obviously) laid down.

Feng shui. Sometimes a little office rearranging, re-framing, and decluttering is just what the doctor ordered.

Cool stuff. Cards beat the Cubs in the home opener, feeding the ducks at Clifton Park, Choppers, skateboards and biker-blues: Meet the Picturebooks, Our Dishonest President parts 1 and 2, short and sweet morning skate jam at JB, salmon cakes.

Quote of the day. “Trying to reach those who want to tell me what a good idea it is to build the 4th stadium of my lifetime in order to fix the city. Since it’s worked so well in the past.” -Steve P.

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