Thursday, April 13, 2017

april thirteenth

Five for April 13th:

Two-wheelin’. Had a blast riding bikes with Jane in the parking lot down the street from our house. She’s getting more and more comfortable on her bike, and was having such a good time cruising around that she didn’t want to leave. I felt the same way.

Clean living. Kale and radishes from the backyard garden, fresh eggs, sweet potatoes and lettuce from the farm share.

Skate rock. Short and sweet mini-ramp rager with Brian at WB yesterday afternoon, curb stop for some boardslides on the way in this morning.

Cool stuff. Chad DeGroot Cuba 2017 video, Mike Judge, the Bard of Suck, $0.55 Sumatra refill at Starbucks, free coffee mug at work, Steve Caballero Ban This personal rider on eBay.

Tonight. Solo dad evening while Lisa is out, so I'll be taking the kids to the playground for some romping around and wearing-down before bedtime, weather permitting.

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