Wednesday, April 12, 2017

april twelfth

Five for April 12th:

R.I.P. Charlie Murphy. Bummer news today. I know I'm not making some kind of revelatory statement here, but Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories will forever be some of the funniest standalone bits of comedy ever committed to tape by anyone for as long as mankind exists.

This is reality. Happy Passover from the Trump administration.

Rolling action. Hitting up White Birch for a lunch skate session and planning on riding some flatland tonight on the Master after the kids go to bed. 74 degrees and clear skies- Gotta take advantage.

Cool stuff. Stack of 2008 SLAP magazines, old Baco videos on YouTube, new pair of Nike Toki Lows, Florent Soulas footage, Thrasher sticker sheets, blowing bubbles for George, Squeeze on Spotify, hard-boiled eggs.

Vision completes at Home Depot. Might as well grab a new shred sled while you’re picking up plywood to build your backyard mini.

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