Thursday, April 20, 2017

april twentieth

Five for April 20th:

Good riddance. Bill O’Reilly is officially out on his ass and Sam Dotson is gone on day one of the Krewson mayorship. Everyone wins.

School days. Jane is officially enrolled in an exceptionally good, well-performing, diverse public school, and we didn’t even have to move to the county. Relieved to finally have that behind us and soldier on as city folk.

PTO. Found out yesterday that effective May 1, I’ll be getting an extra week of vacation time per year, which is totally awesome and unexpected.

Cool stuff. Morning at the park, beach cruise at Creve Coeur lake, backyard BMX jumping, sparkling water restock, Haro Ramp Riders shirt and S&M coffee mug,

Slappy hour. Had a super fun afternoon board meeting with Brian at the Schnucks curbs before the rain moves in. Saw a homeless guy peeing in the bushes and laid down some backside grinds.

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