Thursday, May 11, 2017

may eleventh

Five for May 11th:

The joy of parenting. Some evenings everything comes together, and getting the kids to bed is an easy, joyful and painless procedure. Last night was not one of those nights.

Contacts. Stretching my current pair out far longer than I probably should be, with one fresh pair left in the wings before I need to reorder. They’re still working, and I’m a cheap bastard.

Board meeting. Fun and scorching half hour skate sesh with Brian yesterday afternoon at the Schnucks curbs. Our new go-to afternoon skate spot? It’s sure as hell a lot closer than White Birch.

Cool stuff. Amazon Firestick ordered, Starbucks cold brew, MexiHaro video, backyard bikes with Jane and George, fresh-ground almond butter restock,

Bros in print. Cool Hell Night article landed in the RFT yesterday. Check it.

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