Friday, May 19, 2017

may nineteenth

Five for May 19th:

Full day. Yesterday was jam-packed: rode the bike to work, had an afternoon skate session with Brian, rode home, and then met Andy at Webster for more shredding after the kids went to bed. Somewhere in there I managed to hang out with the family, work eight hours, take a shower, and watch a documentary about beaver lodges.

Sleeping through loud thunderstorms. The streak remains unbroken.

Drive tunes. Got to check out the as-yet unreleased three-song Cruel Summer ’89 EP on the way in this morning. Of course, it was recorded in like one day and totally f*cking rules.

Cool stuff. Chrome Ball Incident Danny Way interview, good lfeftovers, Articles of Impeachment, the past 24 hours of devastating Trump news, explained, veggie scramble, Jane’s parade store, this dude.

Weekend action. Pre-birthday dinner and drinks with Lisa, possibly painting the living room, afternoon at the farm for some paddleboating, taking the Master out for a flatland ride at the parking lot, whatever else comes along.

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