Tuesday, May 9, 2017

may ninth

Five for May 9th:

Bike commute. Awesome ride in this morning. Plenty of sunshine, low headwinds and minimal traffic. I even stretched beforehand. Bookending a workday with a twelve mile wound-trip ride is never a bad thing, even though the ride home tonight is going to be sweltering.

Last night. Good times hanging out with Paul in the backyard and finally getting the brakes on that Dyno dialed in. It’s a tank, but it’ll be fun to goof around on and eventually give to one of the kids. Thanks again to Paul for coming over twice to get the thing up and running.

Quote of the day. “In France this weekend, far-right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen lost the presidential election by millions of votes. And here’s the cool part, in France, if you lose by millions of votes that means you don’t get to be president.” -Conan O’Brien

Cool stuff. Instant-Pot chili, Bevo Bierhall now open, 990 mounts, Chris Moeller interview, seven years of having contacts, playground action after work.

Tuesday soundtrack. Supersuckers, KISS, Gluecifer, Vista Chino, Roky Erickson, Tokyo Blade, Orange Goblin, Pegboy, Loudness, Voivod.

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