Wednesday, May 3, 2017

may third

Five for May 3rd:

Soakage. Three more days of rain coming up. A lot of St. Louisans are getting a not-so-subtle reminder that building stuff on a floodplain does not make a floodplain no longer a floodplain. At least yesterday was nice.

Adventure kid. All of a sudden George is tackling the playground like a seasoned pro, scaling the big climber and going solo down the slides. Kind of nerve-wracking considering he’s still a top-heavy toddler who frequently runs into walls, but hey.

Just a suggestion. To whomever decided to tag the St. Louis statue in Forest Park: maybe next time you want to make a statement, you should try sticking your head in an oven and turning it on.

Cool stuff. Nice sunrise, S&M BMX coozie, re-watching The Office (US), backyard freestylin’, free Dunlop pick packs.

Keeping the dream alive. The STL Rams may be a thing of the past, but thankfully the DCBM Rams live on.

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