Thursday, May 25, 2017

may twenty-fifth

Five for May 25th:

Bike commuting. First and only day this week, but one is better than none. Quick, cool ride in this morning- barely even broke a sweat.

Five years ago today. We found out we were having a girl, and announced Lisa’s pregnancy to the world. Last night, said girl made a construction paper tutu on the kitchen floor, kissed a pug through a fence, and helped me mow the lawn.

Get action. Sunny slappy skate session at the Schnucks curb with Brian, freestyle BMX jams in the back driveway after the kids were in bed.

Cool stuff. New issue of Decibel, veggie scramble, evening at the playground, 11 Twisted Facts About The Far Side, Dennis McCoy Chasing the View off the Cliff segment, GLTS: All Hail Cardiel Part 2, fresh jar of almond butter, home coffee restock, hitting Ranchito.

Drums. May soon be coming into possession of a free drum set from a pile of samples at work, which will be cool to have for the occasional fill-in gig or for any sort of possible future musical projects. Though no such things are currently on the horizon, the price is right.

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