Wednesday, May 24, 2017

may twenty-fourth

Five for May 24th:

Fire Stick. Our trusty old Nintendo Wii is finally retired from service, at least so far as streaming video is concerned. The new Fire Stick is installed as of last night and is way cooler and faster than I ever imagined.

Skateboard-themed coffee mugs I own. Santa Cruz classic dot, Bones Wheels vato rat, Skull Skates skull logo.

170 ditch. Using first-person accounts, 26 year old video footage, and current satellite surveillance, I found the location and entry point for the marginally-infamous 170 ditch yesterday. It’s only about 5 minutes from my office and hopefully still somewhat rideable. We shall see.

Cool stuff. $1 Ninja Turtle Leonardo figure, morning railslides, somehow pieced together a good lunch, playing Aladdin with Jane, Greg’s new Lineage Haro Sport, 2017 Nyquist Jackhammer bars.

Mushuganas in Chicago. Reunion show on June 17th. Now this one might call for a road trip. One of my favorite bands and some of the best dudes ever.

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