Monday, May 22, 2017

may twenty-second

Five for May 22nd:

Happy birthday Lisa. Kicked off the big 3-7 celebration in style over the weekend with a bike ride on the Katy Trail from Weldon Spring to Matson and back, BBQ at a little trail stop in Defiance, record shopping at Planet Score, sangria at Taste of Maplewood, brunch at Russell’s, and cupcakes and paddle boating at the farm. The party continues tonight.

New brew. Had to say goodbye to the old Mr. Coffee yesterday. It served us well. Picked up a nice new Black & Decker 12-cup job, which had its inaugural run this morning, and I’m happy to say passed with flying colors.

Radical moves. Got in a couple of fun backyard freestyle jams in over the weekend. Not the best scenario for flatland riding (as it isn’t flat), but it’s convenient at least.

Cool stuff. Probably the best skateboard trick I’ve ever seen, mud puddlin’ with the kids, morning roll, bowl of cuties and rack of Pike Place K-cups at work, cinnamon gum, How to Manage Your Idiot President.

Riding gear. Picked up a new LED headlight and taillight, under-saddle bag, and chain lock for the road bike- all of which were either broken, taped together, or missing parts.

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