Friday, May 26, 2017

may twenty-sixth

Five for May 26th:

Happy birthday George. My little dude turns two tomorrow, but we party tonight. Hard to believe two years have already gone by, but he acts more like a two year old every day, so I guess it’s not that hard.

Toddler-in-chief. Trump’s behavior at NATO is a national embarrassment, which of course by now should come as a surprise to nobody.

Variflex Voodoo. The first skateboard I ever owned. My mom bought it for me on QVC when I was probably 10. Learned to roll on it, learned to ollie on it. When we built our first ramp I learned kickturns on it. Long story short, I scored one on eBay this morning for an absurdly cheap price and I'm f*cking stoked. Just missing the blue rails. I'm thinking George needs to learn to shred on this to keep the tradition alive.

Cool stuff. S&M Bikes coffee mug, getting paid, Descendents after-show passes procured, Thai red curry soup, good ride yesterday, jasmine tea, jamming Walk Among Us on the drive in, afternoon 170 ditch session.

Memorial Day weekend action. Birthday celebration tonight at the playground, maybe hanging out with Greg at Ramp Riders, another birthday get-together with Brian and crew, BBQ at Lisa’s mom’s, hitting Maplewood pool, hopefully getting in some skating at JB if the weather cooperates.

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