Tuesday, May 23, 2017

may twenty-third

Five for May 23rd:

Janey. Last day of preschool for my little girl today, who continues to grow at light speed. May your socks be forever mismatched.

Iron Maiden Strangers in a Strange Land. Stumbled upon this amazing, fan-made Somewhere in Time-era live compilation yesterday. One of their best albums and most visually amazing tours that was for some unexplainable reason criminally under-documented. Go check it out immediately.

Shredding. Hit White Birch yesterday afternoon for a skate session with Brian and got in some morning flatland in Forest Park before the rain starts up.

Cool stuff. Selling stuff on eBay, Grosso’s Loveletters Season 8: All Hail Cardiel Part 1, Mortal Kombat with Kevin, new Whole 30, doing pushups, fruit cup, blueberry RX bar from Lisa, ditch spot right by my office.

Tuesday soundtrack. Entombed, Nailbomb, Death Breath, Testament, Minor Threat, Zeke, Exodus, Lecherous Gaze, ALL.

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