Thursday, June 8, 2017

june eighth

Five for June 8th:

Bike commuting. Beautiful morning for a ride to work. If the weather could be like this year-round, I would not complain.

170 ditch. Another afternoon skate jam in the works for today, which will make three days in a row at the spot. It’s super fun and five minutes away, so why not? Have to take advantage of low humidity while we can.

Quote of the day. “Is it odd to no one else that all the while we're peering through the Hubble, driving rovers around Mars, and having informative conversations with our refrigerators, some of us are still killing each other over whose Bronze Age nomadic desert goat-herder's spirit guide is stronger? Please tell me I'm not the only one seeing this.” -Tommy Halloran

Cool stuff. Comey Day, new GT BMX Seriously Fun video debuting on the 21st, Donald Trump’s presidency is an American crisis, Bone Deth Street Noise, stack of new books for Jane, Long, Strange Trip Grateful Dead documentary.

Weekend action. Taking tomorrow off for a three-day weekend. Highlights to include a trip down the River Road for sightseeing, vegetable picking and dinner, seeing an Iron Maiden tribute band at Delmar Hall, hitting Figure 8 trails for some dirt jumps on the Performer, Maplewood pool, and whatever else comes along. Seeya Monday.

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