Monday, June 5, 2017

june fifth

Five for June 5th:

Good trade. Swapped a stack of broken/warped decks I was about to throw in the trash for a 8.8 Creature board and set of 55mm Mike Anderson Spitfire wheels with Andy. I’ll take that deal any day. Thanks bud.

Back to the beach. Next time we’ll remember things like towels, changes of clothes, sunscreen, appropriate splashwear, and something to shield us from the blazing sun. The kids had a good time at least.

Tuneage. Stoked to have brokered a deal for two ultra-rare Dan Armstrong prototypes I found in my warehouse to go to Stephen from the Descendents. There's no more stalwart a player of these things than him and no guitarist better suited for them.

Cool stuff. Heroin Skateboards Bath Salts DVD rip, Saturday afternoon at the pool, fresh watermelon, My Homie Sells Homies documentary, Hell Night is one of this year’s STL 77, morning trains with George, fun JB sesh with some of the old man crew.

Rainy day. A downpour shot down plans to hit the pool yesterday, so I introduced Jane to the wonders of the box fan tent and averted a potential crisis with a stormy campout in her room.

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