Thursday, June 1, 2017

june first

Five for June 1st:

Ride/skate/ride. Now here’s how you make the most of a workday and kick off the first month of summer in style.

Just the facts. The word "covfefe", while perhaps not widely-known, has actually been an actively-used term in lexicons spanning the globe for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, and has traditionally been used to describe a *very* specific subset of the populace; namely illiterate, senile sexual predators and failed mail-order steak hucksters that ascend to high levels of society and/or government despite possessing cognitive faculties not exceeding that of your typical toddler.

Powell rider’s manual. At long last, a copy of the mythical Powell Peralta “Operation Motherhood” team handbook from 1989 has surfaced. While pretty fascinating and unbelievable given what skating looks like today, it's way less stringent than I feel it was always made out to be, and a lot of the wording in there is super jokey and tongue-in-cheek. Awesome nonetheless.

Cool stuff. Variflex Voodoo delivery, hitting the playground with the kids, Aaron in STL, South Park YouTube live stream, afternoon ditch sesh with Rick and Brian, ant annihilation.

It’s not all bad news. Ukrainian Zoo Unveils Statue Of Slayer's Tom Araya For Some Reason.

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