Wednesday, June 14, 2017

june fourteenth

Five for June 14th:

Humidity. It’s officially back in full force, which is not necessarily hurting my motivation to do stuff outdoors- but it’s also not helping.

Long Strange Trip. Finished up the six-part Grateful Dead documentary last night and it was great. While still not a huge Dead fan, it gave me a whole new appreciation for them. Highly recommended.

Too Tuff to die. The Skyway factory in California is closing after 30 plus years. Another chink in the armor for BMX, even though the brand is apparently soldiering on.

Cool stuff. Element Jaywalker backpack on order, Savatage t-shirt, fun line at the ditch yesterday, new Days Gone footage, post-ride coconut water, close shave, Hesh Sesh with Jimmy Walker at Scrap skatepark, circa '91.

Quote of the day. “America’s favorite pastime interrupts baseball game.” -Chris P.

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