Monday, June 19, 2017

june nineteenth

Five for June 19th:

Father’s day. Best one yet. Got a sweet card from Jane, and Lisa gave me an amazing early birthday present/dad’s day gift in the form of a Bones Brigade Mike McGill bottlenose which is one of the coolest things I own. Topped it off with a trip up the river road for some dinner and dancing at the loading dock. I’m a lucky guy.

Bike commuting. Had an awesome ride in this morning- cool breeze, no humidity, low traffic. I almost talked myself out of riding, but I’m glad I got it together. Planning on 36-48 miles on the saddle this week.

Attic feng shui. Rearranged a bit on the third floor, moving the desk to the other side for a more dedicated office area for Lisa and freeing up some floor space in the skate lair. Also got rid of a ton of stuff, including a stack of old decks and some other junk.

Cool stuff. Powell Crossbones shirt, hitting the pool, toddler hour at Sky Zone trampoline park, Mike “Hucker” Clark and Steve Caballero Livelihood episodes, iPhone photo dump, hitting Ranchito, Café Bustelo, Animal Chin Have You Seen Him lapel pin.

Bummers. Flat tire on the Haro Master, pulled a muscle in my right shoulder, Brian forgot his board today so we can’t skate the ditch.

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