Friday, June 2, 2017

june second

Five for June 2nd:

Good old days. A year ago our biggest problem as a nation was that woman with the Chewbacca mask receiving a full-ride college scholarship for filming herself acting like a toddler in her minivan.

170 crew. Out in full force for an afternoon session at the ditch. Brian brought the Bluetooth jambox, the tunes were blasting, and much raging occurred. There are definitely worse ways to spend a lunch break.

Quote of the day. “If you think pollution isn't harmful, pull your car into the garage, close the door and leave the car running. I'm sure you'll be fine.” -Luke

Cool stuff. Ranchito with Aaron, work coffee restock, evening at the playground, Bessy Baseball Shopkins card from Jane, Climate Mayors movement, Maurice "Drob" Meyer interview.

Weekend action. Good one coming up: Jag-Wires at San Loo tonight, taking the kids to the beach and the pool tomorrow, Essential Knots at Foam, mowing the lawn, riding/skating where possible.

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