Tuesday, June 6, 2017

june sixth

Five for June 6th:

Today. Should be a fun one: beautiful weather, afternoon ditch skate session with Brian, dinner on the back porch with the crew, hanging out with Greg in the pm.

Lunch swap. Accidentally grabbed Lisa’s lunch from the fridge. At least I got some egg salad out of the deal.

Kid hacks. We figured out the secret to getting Jane to nap in the afternoons, which is something she still really needs but had stopped doing for the most part. Definitely a game-changer for her overall demeanor in the evenings.

Cool stuff. Four days of low humidity, basketball at the playground, setting up the Salba Bevel, Starbucks cold brew run, Tip to Tail series revisited, free Paige trucker cap, Chuck Berry Chuck new album stream.

Tuesday soundtrack. The Sword, Dio, Kyuss, Aerosmith, Deicide, Earth Crisis, Judge, Iron Maiden, Siege.

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